Being a Guest on Self-Made Supermodel

Thanks so much for your interest in being a guest on Self-Made Supermodel! Below is a little about the podcast plus everything you need to know to book a slot, show up prepared, and do some social media promotion once it’s published.

Ona Artist (7M+ followers) of sits down with the world’s biggest social media models to discuss their secrets to success. Hear how they create amazing content, how they get the big growth, and how they’ve managed to keep their accounts year after sexy year. As Ona Artist wrote back in 2016 for leading arts journal, Rhizome, ours is the age of the “self-made supermodel,” where women have taken control of their image, their income, and their destiny. And now you can meet the best of them!


Step 1: Choose your podcast recording date

Here is the link for you to choose a slot from my available dates. The booking process also includes a few questions – name, email, short bio, website, and social media links – and we appreciate your answering them during this process so we can stay organized and promote your episode effectively. If there’s a time that’s best for you that you don’t see, please just let me know via email!

Step 2: Questions to consider in advance

Here are examples of questions we may ask. Feel free to consider them in advance or come up with your answer on the spot!

Step 3: Day of recording / prepare your set-up

The interview is conducted via Zoom. Here is the Zoom link for you to click at the time of our scheduled podcast. Once we’re in the Zoom together, we’ll take a few minutes to say hello and then I’ll start the recording. Both audio and video will both recorded. The audio will be published as part of the podcast and excerpts of the video will be published on Youtube, IG, and other video platforms. If you have any trouble getting in to our Zoom please email

Step 4: Sharing the Published Podcast on Social Media

I will let you know the release date of your podcast when it is set. I will be sharing the podcast on my social media platforms and will be @ ing you in our posts. I would of course appreciate reposts/reshares!